Shoreline Firewall 4.2.4 Includes IPv6 Variant

Jan 06, 2009

The Shoreline Firewall product, also known as Shorewall, has arrived in its 4.2.4 version. The new release includes a configuration tool for IPv6 networks.

Analogous to their IPv4 forerunners, the IPv6 packages are called Shorewall6 and Shorewall6-lite. The configuration data is stored in the /etc/shorewall6/ and /etc/shorewall6-lite directories, respectively. As with Netfilter, the IPv4 and IPv6 variants are configured and controlled separately. Even starting and stopping the traffic is separate for each address family.

Shorewall6 doesn't use Network Address Translation (NAT), rather local addresses use an IPv6 prefix. The Shoreline release announcement includes further details. Downloads are available here in various package formats.

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