Songbird Preinstalled on Philips GoGear Players

Jan 08, 2010

The browser and Songbird music player developed out of the Mozilla project have come together in a cooperative framework with Philips in the 2010 models of their GoGear MP3 player series.

The strategic partnership between Philips and the Songbird project ensures that a special Songbird version with the name Philips Songbird will appear as a standard audio-video player in the following models or on an accompanying CD:

  • GoGear Muse
  • GoGear Vibe
  • GoGear Mix
  • GoGear Aria
  • GoGear Spark
  • GoGear Raga
  • GoGear Cam

Philips Songbird not only cares for the management and synchronization of the local music collection and on the MP3 player, but also the plugin add-ons from the 7Digital music store and Songkick ticket agency. The Songbird version also has a CD import function.

The first devices will be available worldwide in March 2010. The Philips press release and product pages don't have much to say about whether the driver CDs of the players will have only the Windows version or also binaries for various Linux distros and Mac OS X.

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    Songbird considers itself an iTunes alternative and while the project has had some success in that regard, not so much under Linux.

  • Free Software Projects

    The final release of the Songbird web player hits the tightly packed music player scene. With the same extensibility common to the Mozilla family, Songbird gets ready to find its niche and ruffle some feathers.


  • No GoGear support on Mac and Linux versions.

    We are still waiting for GoGear support on the Mac and Linux versions of Songbird. Till now syncronization between Songbird and GoGear Spark is only supported on Windows.

    Another thing is the lack up playlist sync. Songbird and GoGear is incompatible in terms of supported playlist standards. GoGear doesn't support .m3u or .pls format, which are the only formats Songbird uses.
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