Sun XVM Ops Center Manages Data Centers

Feb 20, 2008

Sun Microsystems has now released a management solution following its Xen-based virtualization solution, XVM.

XVM Ops Center, which has been released under the GPLv3, aims to help administrators centrally control a data center with virtual and physical machines.

The console tool helps to manage computers running the Red Hat and Suse Linux distributions, as well as Sun's own Solaris operating system. Ops Center automatically distributes patches and updates for computers. The Center also installs operating systems autonomously. Prebuilt profiles by Sun ensure compliance for managed machines. There are virtually no limits to the number of machines the tool can manage.

Sun has released the system under the GPLv3 on the website. XVM Ops Center with support costs between US$ 100 and 300 per managed server and year. Contracts that include installation and training on site are also available.

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