UberStudent Project Releases UberStudent 3.0

Jun 17, 2013

Specialty distro keeps the focus on advanced learning.

UberStudent lead developer Stephen Ewen has announced the release of the UberStudent 3.0 educational Linux distribution. Although the Linux landscape is dotted with educational distros, most of them are intended for primary or standard secondary curricula. UberStudent is targeted to advanced secondary and higher education scenarios. Included in UberStudent are research and writing tools, mind-mapping utilities, and other advanced study aids. The collection also includes standard Linux multimedia applications and other basic Linux desktop tools.
According to the website, "UberStudent is designed to facilitate mastery of the core academic skills required of all high-performing students, which are skills in research and writing, studying, and self-management. It is also designed to foster not only computer literacy but highly adept computer fluency." The goal is to provide a Linux distribution for "researches, other knowledge workers, lifelong learners, and anyone who just wants a highly-polished computing platform..."
The newest UberStudent system is based on Ubuntu 13.4 and comes with the Linux 3.8 kernel. The biggest change with the latest release is that UberStudent now has its own dedicated repositories, which means that "Updates and any needed fixes will be quick and seamless." 

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