Issue #177 / Aug 2015

DVD: Linux Mint 17.1 and Elementary OS

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In this issue we discuss Network Monitoring: In the office or cloud.

SERVICE: Welcome

On May 29, Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht received a stern sentence for his involvement with building and operating the world's first global anonymous supermarket for everything. Some were surprised with the severity – life in prison without parole for the 31-year-old "Internet entrepreneur." But the Silk Road led its wayfarers way out beyond the cutting edge, and if you live your life as a pioneer, sometimes you get surprised.

SERVICE: This Month's DVD

Linux Mint 17.1 (64-bit) and Elementary OS (32-bit)

NEWS: News

Updates on technologies, trends, and tools

COVER STORIES: Sensu Monitoring Software

Sensu — A powerful and scalable monitoring solution

When the Twitter hashtag #monitoringsucks gained popularity a few years ago, it seemed as though monitoring software had reached its limits and stagnated. Will Sensu launch a new golden age?

COVER STORIES: Linux Dash and Cockpit

Monitor your web-based servers with Linux Dash and Cockpit

Linux Dash and Cockpit are small-scale solutions for monitoring a cloud-hosted virtual server from home.

COVER STORIES: Leaving Nagios

Why users are changing their monitoring solution

Many enterprises use the free Nagios monitoring solution; some would prefer to change to something else. We talked to people who switched to find out how they fared.

FEATURES: CLI Image Processing

Image editing with command-line tools

Powerful command-line tools offer fast and easy image editing.

PROGRAMMING: Perl: Sticky Bit

The nitty gritty of Unix rights management

People applying for IT jobs should brace themselves for the popular interview question about the sticky bit in Unix operating systems. It certainly pays to know.

FEATURES: Mondo Rescue

Back up your systems with Mondo Rescue

A timely snapshot by Mondo Rescue puts a computer back on its feet after a system failure in just a few minutes.

FEATURES: Ask Klaus!

Klaus Knopper answers your Linux questions

Klaus addresses problems with Wheezy updates, Adobe Flash, dial-up settings, and mountpoint dates.

FEATURES: HPC Cluster Basics

The fundamentals of an HPC cluster

The beginning for high-performance computing is understanding what you are trying to achieve, the assumptions you make to get there, and the resulting boundaries and limitations imposed on you and your HPC system.

SYSADMIN: Charly's Column: PomodoPi

The sys admin's daily grind — PomodoPi

Charly starts the tomato and dill season aboveground with a traffic light and underground with a soaker hose, along with assistance from two gardeners and the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi board.


Clean your filesystem with FSlint

FSlint detects the source of filesystem problems and remedies or mitigates them while cleaning up the hard drive.


Convert RAW data with LightZone

The RAW format preserves the full splendor of digital image data. You can develop this material into a format for everyday use with LightZone.

LINUXUSER: LibreOffice Typography

Setting type in LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer is a serviceable desktop publisher with more typography features than most users imagine.

LINUXUSER: Command Line: apt-cache

Querying the package list with apt-cache

We take a look at apt-cache, an essential utility for command line-based package management.


mtPaint makes painting easy

You can create pixel art in just a few mouse clicks with the paint program mtPaint, and it can even teach your works of art how to walk.

LINUXUSER: Workspace: Marble

Using the Marble mapping tool

Although Marble might look like a rather bare-bones map application, it has a few tricks up its sleeve that make it a useful mapping tool.

COMMUNITY NOTEBOOK: Doghouse: Computer Training

Making computer science education more available

"maddog" looks at some ways that computer science education can be made available to students of all ages.


Chronicler Zack Brown reports on the latest news, views, dilemmas, and developments within the Linux kernel community.

Issue 180/2015

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