Issue #210 / May 2018

DVD: Kali Linux and KaOS

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This month we tune into the Libreboot project – an effort to replace the proprietary firmware in laptop computers with an open source equivalent. Other highlights this month include:

  • Electron – discover how to channel the cross-platform benefits of the web programming paradigm when writing desktop applications.
  • KNIME – a graphical tool that lets you perform complex data analysis with custom workflows.

Also in these pages: check out MakerSpace for a tutorial on building a countdown timer with the Raspberry Pi, and jump to LinuxVoice to code your first Android app using Jasonette.

SERVICE: Welcome

Hats Off to Larry

We all loved it when Microsoft finally embraced Linux after a history of attacking it. Some of those outrageous sound bites like “Linux is a cancer…” got played back in triumphant retrospective as we all marked the passing of an era and remarked on the how far we’d come.

SERVICE: This Month's DVD

Kali Linux and KaOS

NEWS: News

OpenStack Queens released, Kali Linux comes to Windows, Ubuntu to start collecting data with Ubuntu 18.04, CNCF illuminates serverless vision, Red Hat Decision Manager 7 released, and topological superconductor could lead to quantum computing with weird fermions. 

NEWS: Kernel News

Zack Brown reports on improving a hashing function, constant values adjustable at boot time, and dealing with an Intel design flaw. 

: Free Firmware with Libreboot

Transparency in firmware with Libreboot

Libreboot is a project dedicated to making firmware free as in freedom.

REVIEWS: Collaborative Office Suites

Collaborative workflows

Several collaborative office suite providers are now competing for customers who are looking for the seamless exchange of office documents within an enterprise. These cloud or on-premise solutions are designed for teamwork.

NEWS: Electron

Exploring the Electron application framework

GitHub's Electron project brings the benefits of web programming to the realm of desktop applications.

NEWS: BorgBackup

Your files will be assimilated

In Star Trek, the Borg adds individuals to its collective consciousness, an apt metaphor for any backup application that stores individual files in an archive. BorgBackup creates folder repositories for multiple archives, making it an especially befitting description of assimilation.

NEWS: Determining assets across a shrinking number of financial APIs

Bargain Hunter

Financial wizard Mike Schilli is annoyed that some web services have discontinued serving up real-time stock market data. To keep an eye on his investment dollars, Mike taps into a little known interface for stock prices.

NEWS: Blogging with a state-of-the-art WordPress alternative

Friendly Ghost

Blogging usually implies WordPress, but Ghost presents a serious challenge.

NEWS: The sys admin's daily grind: sshuttle

Great Shuttle Service

When he doesn't want to deal with OpenVPN version conflicts or congestion control problems during TCP tunneling, Charly catches a ride on sshuttle.

NEWS: Workflow-based data analysis with KNIME

Analyze This!

They say data is "the new oil," but all that data you collect is only valuable if it leads to new insights. An open source analysis tool called KNIME lets you analyze data through graphical workflows – without the need for programming or complex spreadsheet manipulation.

NEWS: Binary Data in Bash

Manipulating Binary Data with Bash

Bash is known for admin utilities and text manipulation tools, but the venerable command shell included with most Linux systems also has some powerful commands for manipulating binary data.

NEWS: A countdown counter with the MAX7221 and a seven-segment display

3, 2, 1 … Go!

Build a countdown counter with a Raspberry Pi and some electronics, and you can count down the time to any event.

NEWS: Custom Keyboard

Reinventing the keyboard

The Keyboardio Model 01 is a highly-customizable open hardware keyboard.

: Raspberry Slideshow

Advertising with the Raspberry Pi

Video sequences or slide shows promote sales. With a Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Slideshow distribution, you can capture the attention you need.

LINUX VOICE: Introduction


Going cross-platform.

LINUX VOICE: Jasonette

Jasonette makes it supremely easy to build simple and advanced Android apps with a minimum of coding.

LINUX VOICE: maddog's Doghouse

Open source catalyst

Be a catalyst and help others break the bonds of proprietary software.


This cool tool helps you exchange files and directories between computers with Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and Android.


With Nootka and your guitar, you can learn to recognize musical notes in classical notation and train for precision and speed.


Graham checks out VLC 3.0, MenuLibre 2.1.5, Texttop, Flameshot, Chomper, Godot 3.0, and much more!

LINUX VOICE: Tutorials – gpsd

Location, Location, Location

Even though your computer does not come with its own GPS, you can hack one onto it using a mobile phone. Although, it does take quite a bit of fiddling.

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