Issue #182 / Jan 2016

DVD: Fedora 23 Workstation and Ubuntu 15.10 Desktop

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In this issue you learn to create custom Bash scripts for system monitoring.

SERVICE: Welcome

We don't really know what sells a magazine on the newsstand. Big publishing companies have whole teams of marketing analysts studying trends and performing Big Data maneuvers on the sales data. Our ragtag group can only treat it as something of an art form: We throw an issue together, and sometime later, we find out if we guessed right when choosing what to put in it.

SERVICE: This Month's DVD

Fedora 23 Workstation and Ubuntu 15.10 Desktop


Updates on technologies, trends, and tools

COVER STORIES: System Monitoring

Custom solutions for system monitoring and control

Off-the-rack monitoring tools often offer too many functions or fail to offer precisely what you need, but shell scripts let you create individual monitoring routines.

REVIEWS: Tool Tips

Briefly tested: Trowser 1.3, wxMEdit 2.9.9, BinaryCrypt 2.0, GSmartControl 0.8.7, Pam_ihosts 1.1, Rush 1.7.

FEATURES: Docker and Kubernetes

Managing Docker containers with Kubernetes

After you jump onto the container bandwagon, you will find yourself looking for high-performance solutions for managing the Docker landscape. Several vendors offer special operating system images with built-in container management tools. Red Hat uses Atomic with Google's Kubernetes management tool.

FEATURES: Hash Functions

Hashes, salt, and pepper

Cryptographic hash functions help you protect your passwords, but hashing is only secure if properly understood.

FEATURES: System Hardening with Lynis

Harden your systems with Lynis

The Lynis testing tool looks for potential security problems and even suggests possibly remedies.

FEATURES: Canvas Fingerprinting

The latest ad tracking tricks and what to do about them

We'll tell you about some powerful new ad tracking techniques and how you can stop them.

FEATURES: Charly's Column – ddrescue

The sys admin's daily grind: ddrescue and DDRescue-GUI

Sometimes even sys admin Charly doesn't have a backup at hand; or, maybe it's ruined because the removed disk had corrupt data. Here, he offers some advice on how to handle the situation.


Managing your network interface with ethtool

If ping won't solve your network configuration issues, try ethtool, a powerful utility that lets you manage configuration settings for your network interface card.


Creating parallel applications with the Julia programming language

Parallel processing is indispensable today – particularly in the field of natural sciences and engineering. Normal desktop users, however, can also benefit from higher performance through parallel execution with at least four calculation cores.

FEATURES: Perl – Elasticsearch

Smart research using Elasticsearch

Websites often offer readers links to articles about similar topics. Using Elasticsearch, the free search engine, is one way to find related documents instantly and automatically.

LINUXUSER: Tracktion T6

Digital audio workstation Tracktion T6 at a glance

The Tracktion digital audio workstation is finally taking off as it reaches version 6.

LINUXUSER: Workspace – Atom

Using Atom packages

The Atom text editor's default functionality can be extended using packages. We look at packages that coders and writers alike may find rather useful.

LINUXUSER: Command Line – Systemd

Using basic systemd commands

Systemd is a complex management structure with many commands and capabilities. We provide an overview of a few basic commands and their use.


QEMU 2 as a versatile virtualization platform

The new version of QEMU is a free virtualization solution that offers excellent stability and flexibility. We show how to deploy QEMU 2 in a Live environment.

COMMUNITY NOTEBOOK: Doghouse – Unplanned Success

What happens when something breaks, and there's no one left to fix it?

The passing of the first generation of programmers brings to light the predicament of what to do when software outlives its practitioners.

: Crowd Supply

Crowd Supply boosts open hardware

A small crowdfunding site is helping to boost the growth of open hardware businesses.


Chronicler Zack Brown reports on the latest news, views, dilemmas, and developments within the Linux kernel community.

Issue 184/2016

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