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DVD: Knoppix 7.5

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We look at several tools to protect your network.

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Gigabit fiber technology is all the rage in the IT space. Power users around the world are salivating over the possibilities for online gaming and high-res video streaming. In my town, a group of geeks went down to the city hall and demanded our own gigabit services, because we are selling ourselves short or selling our children short by not investing in really super-duper fast Internet.

SERVICE: This Month's DVD

Linux Magazine exclusive Knoppix 7.5


Updates on technologies, trends, and tools


Running your programs in a jail with Firejail

Firejail enhances security by isolating programs and processes in separate jails and thus regulating access to the filesystem.

COVER STORIES: SQL Pen Testing with sqlmap

Using sqlmap to discover SQL vulnerabilities

SQL injection is a big problem on the Internet. The handy sqlmap utility will tell you if you need to worry about an SQL attack in your own web environment.


Secure your passwords and personal data with KeePassX

KeePassX is an open source personal data management tool that lets you keep your passwords, URLs, attachments, and peace of mind


Detecting vulnerabilities in the WLAN with Wifislax

Modern WiFi installations provide comfort, but they often have serious security problems. Wifislax offers an extensive collection of tools for checking the security of your wireless network.

FEATURES: Knoppix 7.5 CeBIT Edition

Knoppix 7.5

Knoppix 7.5 is based on the current development version of Debian GNU/Linux and comes with hardware support from kernel 3.18 including many updates and new features.


Manipulating network data streams with Netsed

Netsed is a small communication tool that lets users modify the content of TCP and UDP data packets on the local network.

FEATURES: Panoramic Time-Lapse Photos

DIY time-lapse photography

Using a few simple components and open source software, you can create impressive panoramic time-lapse photos. We guide you through the entire process, from building a simple panning rig to assembling photos into a time-lapse video.

FEATURES: Perl: Autokey Automation

Perl script manages keyboard shortcuts

The Autokey utility automates desktop processes by triggering specific actions when the user enters predefined text shortcuts or presses hotkey combinations. Perl helps to manage these helpers.


Nethogs monitors network bandwidth per process

Nethogs knows which programs and users are monopolizing the system's network connection.

FEATURES: Bitwig Studio 1.1

What's new in Bitwig 1.1

The latest version 1.1 of the Bitwig digital audio workstation provides an array of major improvements.

FEATURES: Charly's Column: Pulse

The sys admin's daily grind – Pulse

Equal treatment, as sys admin Charly so boldly proposes, should be the norm. What he really wants is a free tool to sync user data across multiple computers.

FEATURES: Ask Klaus!

Klaus Knopper answers your Linux questions

Migrating a Linux OS from DVD to flash.


Bring order to the system jungle with Foreman

Orchestration tools such as Chef, Puppet, and SaltStack provide uniform management of a system landscape, but they can't do everything. Foreman fills in the gaps and installs a uniform interface that makes the admin's life a lot easier.

LINUXUSER: Workspace: digiKam Photo Sharing

Export and share photos with digiKam

digiKam makes it possible to share photos in a variety of ways, and the application supports many popular photo-sharing services. In this article, we put digiKam's photo-sharing capabilities to practical use.


Treecle organizes and structures information

Treecle organizes information into categories and bundles it into a neat tree structure. Although the fairly young program shows some minor weaknesses, it is already fit for use.

LINUXUSER: Command Line: wajig

Package management with wajig

The wajig tool simplifies package management using self-explanatory sub-commands.

LINUXUSER: Free Puzzle Software

Puzzles and brain teasers

Creating and solving letter and number puzzles is a popular pastime. We look at some of the free software that is available for this hobby on Linux.

COMMUNITY NOTEBOOK: Doghouse: ARM 64-bit Port

Testing Linux modules for ARM64

Twenty years ago Linux was ported to a 64-bit RISC processor. Now the challenge is to put GNU/Linux on modern 64-bit ARM processors.


Calligra Suite redefines the Office Suite

Calligra Suite goes beyond the standard four or five office suite programs by offering a range of applications for desktop and mobile computers.


Private mail with Kolab Now

The Kolab Now mail service offers one thing you won't get from mainstream cloud mail: no spying.


Chronicler Zack Brown reports on the latest news, views, dilemmas, and developments within the Linux kernel community.

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