Issue #200 / Jul 2017

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This month we celebrate our 200th issue with a special look at the great GNU Public License.

Other Highlights:

• Log Monitoring Tools – We look at LOGalyze, Logcheck, Logwatch, MultiTail, and Swatchdog.

• Two-Factor Authentication – A single password isn't enough if you really want to keep your data safe.

Over at Linux Voice, you’ll pick up some LibreOffice tricks and learn to scrape the web with Common Crawl.

SERVICE: Welcome

The news has gotten really weird recently. I suppose politicians have always blurred the line between fact and opinion, but lately things have gotten a little unglued. False facts are accepted without proof. Proven facts are ignored or denied just because they don't happen to line up with someone's preferred narrative.


Updates on technologies, trends, and tools



Long lines and interesting discussions awaited the visitor at this year's FOSDEM event in Brussels, Belgium.

NEWS: The GPL and the birth of a revolution

The Story of the GPL

The GNU General Public License was born of the simple idea that freedom matters. Yet this simple tool for protecting freedom has another important feature that makes it even more powerful, and that is the ability to build communities.

NEWS: Book Excerpt – Free as In Freedom

Free as In Freedom – Richard Stallman and the Free Software Revolution

This is an excerpt from the book Free as in Freedom 2.0: Richard Stallman and the Free Software Revolution

: Meet Free Software Pioneer Eben Moglen

An interview with Eben Moglen

Few have had a closer view of the Free Software revolution than Eben Moglen, former lead counsel for the Free Software Foundation and founder of the Software Freedom Law Center. We asked Moglen about the legal basis for the GPL's famous copyleft protection and the long, steady effort to tell the world about the benefits of free software.

REVIEWS: Five lean tools for monitoring logfiles

Five Log Monitoring Tools

Anyone wanting to monitor logfiles could use one of the big dogs like Nagios or Icinga. However, lightweight alternatives can also sniff out threats and take much less time to set up. We put five of these little guard dogs to the test.

: Professor Knopper's Lab – Yocto Knoppix

Building a Yocto-based Knoppix for the Raspberry Pi

The professor sets the stage for Knoppix on an SD card that runs on the Raspberry Pi.

NEWS: Repair damaged boot configurations

Boot Repair Disk

Sometimes things go wrong when you are installing an operating system on a hard disk drive or SSD. A boot repair disk gets your boot configuration back on its feet, quickly.

PROGRAMMING: A Python script warns of failed login attempts

The Bouncer

A number of sensors and cameras send author Mike Schilli a short message if someone tampers with his apartment door. He has now applied this security principle to the SSH entrance of his Linux computer.

SYSADMIN: The sysadmin's daily grind: Pi-hole

The Hole Truth

A strange rule seems to dictate that the most useless products and services have the most annoying online advertising. Columnist Charly blocks the garish advertising for all computers on his network centrally with the Pi-hole tool, which is not only for Raspberry Pi devices.

: Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your logins with two-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of protection with one-time passwords.

: uMap

Maps with uMap

uMap provides an easy way to create advanced maps based on the OpenStreetMap service. This article explains how to put uMap's features and functionality to practical use.

: Crowdfunding

The arrival of open hardware

We look at some of the new open hardware projects underway.

LINUXUSER: Command Line – Pinning Sources

Pinning sources in Debian

Debian discourages the use of pinning to set preferences for package repositories, because the practice can have disastrous results. We take a closer look.

LINUX VOICE: Introduction


The unstoppable march of progress.


The Linux Voice View on What's Going on in the World of Free Software

It's not enough to tinker with copyright rules; the whole concept needs reviewing for the digital age.

LINUX VOICE: Unity Farewell

Choice is good? And we've chosen.

LINUX VOICE: Start Your Own FOSS Project

How to Start Your Own FOSS Project

Don't just consume Free Software – contribute to it! We share the tips and tricks required to start a successful FOSS project.

LINUX VOICE: Doghouse – Professional Programmers

Paid vs. Unpaid

"maddog" takes a look at various factors that go into creating good code.

LINUX VOICE: FAQ – Common crawl project

Common Crawl

Download the entire web to kick-start a data science empire.

LINUX VOICE: Core Technologies

Virtualization Sneak Peek

Ever wondered what's happening inside a virtual machine? Join us for an exciting tour into virtualization deep waters.


We explore KDevelop 5.1,, Cursynth, QMapShack 1.8, KWipe 2.1.3, Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9, Kakoune, VPG 0.2.8, Anbox (alpha), Terasology Alpha 7, and Mudlet 3.0.

LINUX VOICE: Tutorials – Systemd

Systemd Services 101

Take control of the services running on your Linux machine

LINUX VOICE: Tutorials – LibreOffice

Dive into LibreOffice – Hidden Gems

Discover some hidden and lesser known features in LibreOffice, to help you work faster and smarter (and gain extra geek points).

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