Desktop News and Articles

Three plugins for WordPress

LINUXUSER: Terrific Trio

Backing up data with luckyBackup

KNOW-HOW: At the Press of a Button

The Results of the Survey That GNOME Would Rather Ignore

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


Yorba Desktop

The Gnome Desktop and Beyond


At a time when many developers are focused on cloud applications, Yorba’s sights remain fixed firmly on the desktop.

openSUSE 12.2 Released


Downloading videos from YouTube or Vimeo

LINUXUSER: Clever Archiving

Perfect Storm Brewing: The Linux Desktop - Part Two

Paw Prints: Writings of the maddog


QuickDic: Offline Multi-Lingual Dictionary for Android

Productivity Sauce


NEWS: Tech Tools

Pygmyfoto, a DIY photo publishing solution

LINUXUSER: Photo Rolling

Issue 19: Linux Shell Handbook 5th Ed./Special Editions

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