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Turn Sublime Text into a Task Manager with the PlainTasks Plugin

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MediaGoblin: Saving the Internet Through Federation


A new project for sharing media files might be as important for its philosophy as its features.

Take and Sync Notes with nvPY

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Fix "Improved" Saving Functionality in GIMP 2.8

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Imgur Mushroom: imgur Uploader App for Android

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Future of the Desktop


Could Mozilla’s announcement of the Boot to Gecko roadmap, along with the continued development of other web-based operating systems, make which Linux distro you’re running less important than the desktop environment?

Three plugins for WordPress

LINUXUSER: Terrific Trio

Backing up data with luckyBackup

KNOW-HOW: At the Press of a Button

The Results of the Survey That GNOME Would Rather Ignore

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


Yorba Desktop

The Gnome Desktop and Beyond


At a time when many developers are focused on cloud applications, Yorba’s sights remain fixed firmly on the desktop.

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