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Potlatch 2: OpenStreetMap Editor

Fast Mapping: Editing OpenStreetMap with Potlatch 2


If you need a tool to make minor modifications in OpenStreetMap, Potlatch 2 is a useful choice as a fast and easy-to-use editor.

Google Releases C++ B-Tree Template Library


NEWS: News

Network acceleration with TCP Fast Open

KNOW-HOW: Getting There Faster

IPv6 Penetration Testing

Pen testing on IPv6 networks: In Through the Back Door


If you have enabled IPv6 on your network without considering basic security issues, you might have opened up a hole for attackers. In this article, we demonstrate a successful attack on a server via IPv6 and explain how the popular security tools handle IPv6.


SERVICE: Writing for the New Web

Three-dimensional scenes in web browsers with Three.js

COVER STORIES: Perspective in 3D

What's inside the December 2012 issue

SERVICE: Build a Botnet

Evaluating web frameworks

SYSADMIN: Abundance

Offline-capable applications with HTML5

COVER STORIES: Without a Net

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