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Building an IRC Bot with Cinch

Bot Tech


Chat rooms aren’t just for people. We’ll show you how to access an IRC channel using an automated bot.

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The sys admin's daily grind – Trickle

FEATURES: Blown Away free

Generating QR Codes in Linux

Creating and Reading QR Codes


With the right tools, you can create your own QR code squares with information you want to share on a business card, in a letter, or on your website.

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Access data from a weather station with the Raspberry Pi

KNOW-HOW: Weather Watch free

PAFM: No-Frills Web-Based File Manager

Productivity Sauce


Set up a Mailing List in Minutes with Simple Mailing List

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Host Your Own Secure Pastebin with ZeroBin

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Manage SQLite Databases with phpLiteAdmin

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Convert Bookmarklets to Chrome Extensions

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Issue 19: Linux Shell Handbook 5th Ed./Special Editions

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