Microsoft acknowledges own GPL infringement

Nov 16, 2009

Even Microsoft can’t resist new technology. In order to be up with the times, they have added a nice tool for download to create a USB version. Unfortunately this was done without paying attention to the GPLv2.

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TeX Live 2009 Brings Font Updates and Windows TeXworks

Nov 13, 2009

TeX Live, a comprehensive collection of software surrounding the TeX/LaTex font systems, is available in the 2009 edition.

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Commercial Editor UltraEdit Now Also for Linux

Nov 13, 2009

The multi talented UltraEdit is now available as UEX in a commercial version for Linux. The editor is extremely popular, especially in the world of Windows.

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Microsoft Patents Sudo

Nov 12, 2009

A further patent by Microsoft brings the software patent discussion to a renewed boil: the software giant has claims on "sudo."

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Mono Development for Visual Studio from Novell

Nov 11, 2009

What a few years ago might have been considered a joke has now become reality: thanks to the Mono Tools for Visual Studio, developers can create RPM packages directly from the MS environment.

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Oracle: European Commission Fails to Grasp Open Source

Nov 10, 2009

Oracle claims that the European Commission's public policy against Oracle's takeover of MySQL runs counter to open source freedom and the growing database market.

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Backup Specialist Arkeia Takes over Kadena Systems

Nov 07, 2009

The French-U.S. firm Arkeia Software is taking over Kadena Systems, the California backup provider specializing in eliminating redundancies.

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Subversion Goes to Apache

Nov 06, 2009

The Subversion version control system is now part of the Apache Software Foundation.

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