Neatx: Google Releases Its Own NX Server

Jul 09, 2009

Internet giant Google is now entering the terminal server market. With Neatx, its own Python adaptation of the FreeNX sources, a GPL server has recently become available.

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Mutter: Window Manager in GNOME's Future

Jul 08, 2009

GNOME developer Thomas Thurman describes the future of the Metacity 2 window manager in a project blog. Apparently a new GNOME component named Mutter will be taking over its functions.

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Dovecot 1.2 IMAP Server with New Plugins

Jul 08, 2009

The new IMAP and POP3 server Dovecot is available in version 1.2. It supports further extensions of the IMAP protocol and provides new plugins.

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TangoCMS 2.3.0 with WYSIWYG Editor

Jul 01, 2009

The TangoCMS content management system is now available in version 2.3.0. The numerous enhancements to the release code-named Dolphin include an embedded WYSIWYG editor.

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LinuxTag 2009: Resource Management with OpenVZ

Jun 27, 2009

OpenVZ project leader Kir Kolyshkin clarified at LinuxTag 2009 that the software also lends itself to Linux resource management.

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LinuxTag 2009: Talend Does Real-Time Data Integration

Jun 23, 2009

Just in time for LinuxTag 2009 Berlin, California firm Talend promises real-time data integration software.

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A Smoother Wine 1.1.24

Jun 22, 2009

Wine 1.1.24 has smoothed out rough edges and now functions with various Windows games while Linux applications run better.

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NVIDIA Eschews Android and Linux, Prefers Windows for Tegra

Jun 21, 2009

NVIDIA sees itself obliged to openly announce its preference for Windows CE for its new Tegra platform. This news alone would be suspicious if it weren't for the graphics chipmaker's not so subtle dig at Android and Linux.

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