Samsung Joins Linux Foundation

Jun 06, 2012

The Linux Foundation welcomes Samsung Electronics as a Platinum member.

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Germany Going to Court over Telecommunications Storage Requirement

May 31, 2012

Germany rejects the European Commission directive requiring phone and internet companies to store records.

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Linux News

May 29, 2012

Cloud News
• CloudStack moves toApache
• Red Hat Data Grid 6 beta released
• News Bites

Kubuntu Sponsored
• Blue Systems sponsors Kubuntu
• IBM PowerLinux Solutions
• Spyrus Pocket Drive

Ubuntu News
• Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for desktop launched
• Ubuntu 12.10 flies with Quantal Quetzal
• Coverity 6.0 released

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Linux News

Apr 24, 2012

LF Grows
• The Linux Foundation welcomes four new members
• Gnome 3.4 released
• News Bites

New Releases
• Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 2
• Vector Linux 7.0 Light
• Linux 3.3
• XBMC 11.0

Canonical’s MAAS
• Metal-as-a-service provisioning tool
• Knoppix 7.0 with kernel 3.2.4
• SUSE milestones

Tech Tools
• MythTV 0.25 out
• Android emulator improved
• Qt 5 Alpha source only release

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Doghouse: Open Source Plumbing Community Notebook

Mar 02, 2012

maddog imagines what it would be like to own a Microsoft-certified toilet.

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UEFI Developments

Jan 27, 2012

Windows secure boot controversy gets uglier.

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Sep 23, 2011

As you will see if you read our news, Hewlett Packard, which everyone calls HP, was big this month. The computer giant announced some sweeping changes, including sweeping changes to undo the sweeping changes they announced a few months ago.

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Sep 02, 2011

As is so often the case in this business, a big, earthshaking news story hit the press just as we were sending our own issue to the printer.

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