GEOCACHING Geocaching software for Linux

Jun 21, 2010


Digital GPS-aided treasure hunts, or geocaching, is becoming more popular. We investigate the choice of geocaching software available for Linux.

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Linux loses Steam

Apr 26, 2010

Linux Client Pulled from Valve Server

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Valve bringing Steam to Linux?

Apr 22, 2010

Newly discovered Linux code keeps the dream alive.

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Sony Removes Linux from PlayStation 3

Mar 29, 2010

After the PS3 Slim already delivered without Linux functionality, Sony is now also removing Linux from the older PlayStations as of firmware update 3.21.

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Nexuiz Shooter Becomes Commercial on Game Consoles

Mar 15, 2010

For quite some time the Nexuiz homepage has been hinting at a major announcement in March. Now the cat is out of the bag and hitting the community over the head.

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Kwaak3 Ports Quake3 to Android

Feb 26, 2010

IPhones and Nokia's N900 already have Quake3 versions. What could be more appropriate than a version of the shooter game for Android? The first release is now available to be downloaded.

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Gifts for Gamers: Some End-of-Year Recommendations, Part 4

Dec 31, 2009

On the last day of the year part four of the gamers recommendations offer some adventure games, sports and action. Have fun!

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Gifts for Gamers: Some End-of-Year Recommendations, Part 3

Dec 30, 2009

In part 3 of our gamers recommandations we present more strategy games, puzzles, card games, language skill training and more. To be continued.

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