Celestia Touring the galaxy with Celestia

Aug 31, 2005

Space, the final frontier, is a bit too expensive for a short vacation. If a trip to the moon is beyond your budget, why not try Celestia, a free program that brings the galaxy to the comfort of your home.

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DeskTOPia: JWM JWM Window Manager

Jul 31, 2005

JWM is a window manager for Linux users who demand an efficient GUI and are not afraid to fire up an editor to get it. If this sounds like the kind of tool you are looking for, read on to discover more about JWM.

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Metapixel Photomosaics with Metapixel

Jul 31, 2005

If you're looking for more than a convention tile design, try Metapixel, a free tool that creates attractive photomosaics from a collection of digital images.

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Inkscape Vector Graphics Vector graphics with Inkscape

Jun 30, 2005

When it comes to drawing with the computer, professionals often opt for vector graphics. Inkscape brings the power of vector graphics to Linux users. Our workshop demonstrates how to use the program.

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Command Line: CD Images mkisofs, mount, md5sum

May 31, 2005

Before you burn a data CD in Linux, you need an ISO image – mkisofs

helps you create an Iso image. To save disks, you might like to check

the image before you burn it with md5sum.

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May 31, 2005
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KDE Image Menu (Kim) Converting images with Kim

Apr 30, 2005

With a Konqueror-integrated service menu called Kim, you can modify and manipulate image files through a handy context menu.

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Gimp Scripting Writing GIMP scripts

Feb 28, 2005

Many users turn to GIMP for pictures in the window, but some may not realize GIMP also has scripting capabilities that allow you to automate recurring tasks. The Python scripting language is a useful alternative to the GIMP’s integrated Lisp dialect.

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