Creating dynamic web applications with the Google Web Toolkit


Article from Issue 74/2007

The Google Web Toolkit lets you develop complex web applications in Java and automatically converts them to AJAX apps.

Google is more than just a search engine. This vast and rapidly expanding company is also a major center for software development. Besides programs such as Google Desktop and Google Earth, the company also releases other web-based products once a quarter. While Google Mail is enjoying the limelight, new applications such as Google Reader, Google Calendar, or Google Spreadsheet have attracted very little attention. These lesser known applications share the look and feel of their more popular counterparts, and they use AJAX for quick and easy client access. Although many suspected Google had its own framework running under the hood, there was no way of knowing for sure until recently. But Google finally confirmed the suspicions at the Java One Fair in May of this year by putting the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) up for grabs as a free download [1].

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