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Article from Issue 94/2008


Live Distro Sampler

Have you gotten complaints about installing Ubuntu 7.10 from the Distro Sampler? After installing, I was unable to gain access using the name and password I had provided during the installation. I was able to get into the OS using username: "ubuntu" and password: "ubuntu," but I was prevented from doing anything as root because everything (such as installing available updates) required an administrative password. I couldn't use the name and password I had created to log into Ubuntu, much less log in as root. I tried sudo in the terminal but could not satisfy the password query. I tried two installs: one on the entire master drive, and one on the entire slave drive. I used different names and passwords, and although grub dual-booted both installs, the password problem was the same.

I am by no means an expert, but I have installed Ubuntu 7.04 previously without a hitch.

Jerry Roe


Some of our readers have pointed out problems with the Ubuntu version included on our Issue 90 "Virtual Distro Sampler" DVD.

According to reports, the Ubuntu installer does not add a user during installation or perform the required changes to /etc/sudoers. We're sorry for the problems.

If you want to install Ubuntu, the following workaround will get your user account up and running:

  1. Install Ubuntu and then start the Live DVD again.
  2. Mount the system partition using Nautilus.
  3. Open a console and enter the following commands:

    sudo su
    cd /media/disk/etc/
    chmod 777 sudoers
  4. Open /media/disk/etc/sudoers with an editor and add the following string:

    %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL
  5. Save your change and type (in the console):

    chmod 440 sudoers
  6. Shut down the Live system and reboot into the installed version:
  7. Log in with:

    Username: ubuntu
    Password: ubuntu

Once you are logged in, you should be able to create new users and access the system as usual.

Ubuntu Sixpack

Please provide the instruction on how to install Kubuntu to the hard disk using the August 2008 DVD.

I have tried but was only able to install Ubuntu.


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