Bitwig Studio 1.3.5 digital audio workstation tested


Bitwig Studio is a well-thought-out complete package for producers of modern music and for creative electronic composers. The detailed documentation makes it easier for beginners and those switching from other programs to get started (see the "Documentation and Help" box). It is virtually unique in Linux in terms of use as a live instrument. Apart from the still incomplete support for the current version of MIDI in Linux, the Bitwig DAW proves to be well integrated and stable. The quality of the software and documentation created by full-time developers, the samples provided, and the speed of development all explain why Bitwig Studio is a proprietary application.

Documentation and Help

As you would expect from commercial software, Bitwig doesn't just invest a lot of work in developing the program, it also keeps the help and documentation up to scratch. This includes a manual written in plain English, particularly for videos, demo songs, and some step-by-step instructions. You will find an overview on the Bitwig Studio website [2]. The community area [3] contains additional information and numerous tips and tricks. Bitwig provides an API [4] for the Studio controller interface for programmers.

Bitwig also made version 1.3.5 of Studio available the day before this article was submitted for publication; it contains bug fixes and various improvements to detail.

The Author

Hartmut Noack works in Celle and Hannover, Germany, as a lecturer, author, and musician, and he has always thought that free software and homemade music fit together just fine. You can download some of the results of his work with free music software on his web server at

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