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On the DVD

Article from Issue 192/2016

The complete Linux Magazine archive DVD!

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Linux Pro Magazine Archive DVD

This month's DVD includes the complete Linux Magazine archive – every previous issue of Linux Magazine on a single, searchable disc. Browse the pages of every article we've ever published, and experience our special brand of technical yet accessible how-to insights.

If you want to learn about a common tool in the open source space, search this disc – we've probably written about it more than once over the last 16 years. Catch all the articles you missed – on scripting, system administration, security, and more. Discover desktop applications that will save you time and simplify your life, and relive important moments in the history of Linux: the SCO case, the Novell/Microsoft pact, the birth of Git, the mobile revolution, … .

All the issues on this disc would cost you about $2,000 in our shop – if they all still existed, but many older issues are out of print: The only way to experience them is through the Linux Magazine DVD!

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