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Article from Issue 228/2019

For entrepreneurs with little money, FOSSH offers a way to get their projects off the ground.

One of the nice things about my work with Free and Open Source Software and Hardware (FOSSH) is when people tell me how FOSSH has changed their lives and that I was the catalyst for that change.

It usually starts out with "I listened to you X years ago and now I am the CTO of my company" or "I listened to you Y years ago and now I am the CEO of a company and my company employs Z people," and their successes were tied to FOSSH.

Typically, when a person begins their career, they do not have a lot of money to start their company. The last thing they really need is to purchase a lot of expensive software licenses (and the lawyers needed to review the licenses and contracts) to allow them to build their first prototypes. FOSSH allows them to build those prototypes (and perhaps the actual finished product) without having to pay money upfront for those software licenses.


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