Testing Waterfox, a Firefox alternative

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Article from Issue 237/2020

Waterfox, a fork of the Mozilla Firefox browser, is designed for greater speed and privacy, as well as compatibility with older add-ons. We consider two versions of the Waterfox browser and what they have to offer.

Mozilla's Firefox web browser has been massively popular in the past. Although for a long time the browser was one of the most frequently used web navigators, Google's Chrome browser and its open source counterpart Chromium have now outpaced it – not least because of faster response times.

Firefox also lost some of its popularity because of changes to the browser. The integration of services such as Pocket, interface changes, and the fact that telemetry data are collected have left many users concerned about their privacy and feeling restricted in terms of usage options. Also consider that for many privacy-conscious users, Chrome or Chromium are not an alternative because of the integration of many Google services with these browsers.

All of this makes Waterfox an interesting alternative. Waterfox is a fork of the Mozilla browser that claims to have removed all unnecessary elements from the software, especially unnecessary data collection [1]. Waterfox also lets you continue using NPAPI plugins that Firefox has not supported for a long time.


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