Create panoramic images from single shots with Hugin

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Article from Issue 244/2021

Hugin is a tool for creating panoramic images, with many additional functions that make it a powerful supplement to your image editing toolbox.

Hugin is a free and open source program that has been around for years. Up to now, it has mainly been used to create large panoramic images from a few – or even many – single images. If you use Hugin correctly, you can create good panoramic images very quickly.

However, Hugin also supports other uses that include generating HDR images and computing super resolution images – large, extremely high-resolution images created by interpolation. Hugin also includes many advanced tools, for example, letting users determine the correction data for lenses (calibrate_lens_gui). The align_image_stack command, which is used by many other programs to align images, is also part of the Hugin package.

Hugin [1] was originally developed as a user interface for Panorama Tools, also known as PanoTools [2]. Later, support was added for the combination programs Enblend and Enfuse [3]. Hugin, PanoTools, Enblend, and Enfuse are all mature tools – Hugin was already producing panoramic images worth viewing 10 years ago, the developers have been working on Enblend and Enfuse since 2004, and Panotools was originally released in 1998 and has been continuously improved. The longevity of these tools shows that they continue to be useful even though many cameras now have built-in tools for creating panoramas that generate more or less capable results.


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