Imgur Mushroom: imgur Uploader App for Android

Dmitri Popov

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Sep 25, 2012 GMT
Dmitri Popov

If you happen to use imgur as your preferred image hosting and sharing service, you'll appreciate Imgur Mushroom. This little open source app allows you to tweak and upload images from your Android device to imgur with consummate ease. Imgur Mushroom can act as a standalone utility for uploading images, or as a helper tool accessible via other apps. When used in the standalone mode, Imgur Mushroom lets you pick an image stored on your Android device, or take a snap using the device's camera. The Edit button gives you access to the app's editing tools for rotating and resizing the image. Once you're done tweaking the image, tap Save and upload the file using the Upload button. The app also lets you pick a specific album as well as create new albums, when needed.


During the first run, Imgur Mushroom prompts you to authenticate the app with your imgur account. If this action fails, you can fix it by enabling the Disable validation of SSL certificate option in the Settings section. Also, keep in mind that Imgur Mushroom is a pure upload app, so you can't use it to browse your images and albums stored on imgur.

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