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Dmitri Popov

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Dec 05, 2009 GMT
Dmitri Popov

If a full-blown calendar application like Evolution of Lightning is overkill for your needs, try Day Planner. This simple yet efficient calendaring utility sports a refreshingly simple interface and it's ridiculously easy to use. To populate Day Planner with events, press the Add a new event button at the bottom of the window. This opens the Add an Event dialog window with the Date field set to the current date. Day Planner supports three types of events: Normal, All day, and Birthday. When you create a normal event, you can specify the start time and make the event recurring by specifying the appropriate settings in the advanced settings section. In this section, you can also add notes to the event in the Description field. The All day event type is self-explanatory. Obviously, you can't specify the start time for all-day events, but you can make them recurring. Choosing the Birthday type automatically sets the event to occur every year, and you also have the option of specifying the date of birth, so Day Planner calculates the person's age. When you press OK, the event is added to the event list.

All dates that have events appear in bold in the calendar pane, making it easier to locate them: click on any date containing events, and you can view them in the list to the left. The agenda pane below the calendar displays a list of upcoming events, so you can keep track of future events as well. If you want Day Planner to remind you about upcoming events, you can do so by choosing Edit -> Preferences and configuring the available options. Here you can also enable the option to automatically launch Day Planner when you log into the system. Although Day Planner doesn't contain any fancy features like the ability to sync events with your mobile phone, it does let you import and export calendaring data and synchronize multiple installations of the application. Since Day Planner uses the iCalendar format, you can exchange data with other calendaring applications, and the Import file, Import from program, and Export commands under the Calendar menu allow you to get events in and out of Day Planner. Besides the .ics format, the export feature allows you to save the calendar data as a set of HTML pages ready to be published on a Web server.


  • This will not suceed

    I have used many many Planners out there. But, what is the problem? Is simple, you dont really are with your computer all the time, and worse, normally, when you need to "plan" something, like a meeting or a birthday, you are talking to someone.. where you dont actually have the computer, but, what, with no doubts, you DO have?


    So, my point is that, if the application does not have any integration or SYNC with, at least, BB - Android or Iphone.. then, it may be AN EXCELLENT software, but not practical, at least not for the majority of people.

    I think Linux should emphazies on better SYNC with mobile devices.

    Joel Valdez
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