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Rikki Kite

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Oct 01, 2008 GMT
Rikki Kite

In December, I'll start paying off the student loans I took out for my Master's degree, which I finished in May. Meanwhile, I've caught myself surfing the classes offered at nearby junior colleges and universities. Don't tell my family.

Some days I have fantasies of switching careers and opening a roller rink. Other days I think about studying law (intellectual property, anyone?). Maybe I just want to be a roller derby version of Pamela Jones when I grow up.

Yesterday Pamela posted "The Purpose of the Fifth Amendment to the Bill of Rights" on Groklaw. She links to a video lecture, Talking to the Police by Virginia University's Professor Duane, which discusses the Fifth Amendment. It's not a short video, but it's interesting and entertaining so squeeze it in if you want a free crash course in your right not to incriminate yourself.

According to Pamela, "Some governments set up laws to protect the privileged few from the common man; the founding fathers did exactly the opposite – the Bill of Rights was particularly designed to protect the little guy from the government, which by definition has more power."

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