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Rikki Kite

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Feb 22, 2008 GMT
Rikki Kite

One of my mottos is, "I can't be good at everything." Checkbook balancing, paperwork filing, and photo management are three areas that could stand some improvement. I don't plan to apply myself to the checkbook-balancing and paperwork-filing tasks any time soon, but my crazy photo system really bugs me.

I'm not writing about photo management just because I've been trying to figure out a way to use a picture of my Boston Terrier, Olive (even though she is the cutest). Actually, I ran across Kristin Shoemaker's "Flipping the Linux switch: Quick and easy photo management with F-Spot."

My favorite part of her tutorial is where she says, "You'll notice a few things happening, all at once. Don't freak out." It's like Kristin wrote this tutorial just for me.

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