Tutorials – 3D Print Tools

Tools to monitor your 3D prints

Aug 01, 2019

One last step remains in our 3D-printing voyage: actually printing something. This issue, we'll tackle how to print and monitor your print at the same time.


Innovative time management with Fanurio

Aug 29, 2019

If you need to accurately measure time spent on individual projects and tasks, you need something more sophisticated than yellow sticky notes. Fanurio helps you keep an eye on your time, your projects, and more.

On Time

Stay punctual with chrony

Aug 29, 2019

The chrony implementation of the network time protocol provides an alternative to the familiar NTP daemon.

Electricity Meter

Evaluating the environmental impact of software

May 31, 2019

It's getting easier to measure the environmental impact of software. A new study suggests criteria for determining how the choice of software impacts resource use.

The Impersonator

FOG Project

Aug 20, 2019

Use the FOG imaging server to image and rollout several installations with a single click.

Getting to Know Firewalld

Firewall Management

Aug 06, 2019

Managing a firewall can be a hassle, but it’s worse to manage a breach because you didn’t have one.

Try Out the JADE Desktop Environment

JADE for Jaded Users

Aug 01, 2019

This new desktop environment strives to offer something different, and while the design isn’t for everyone, it does introduce a couple of interesting features.

The Bookkeeper

Manage Logs with logrotate

Jul 23, 2019

Take charge of your installation’s logfiles with logrotate.


Open source messaging middleware

Feb 22, 2019

Connect multiple protocols and servers together on your IoT projects.

Tutorials – OpenSCAD

Using OpenSCAD to build custom 3D pieces Build Your Own Body

Apr 29, 2019

OpenSCAD lets you use simple scripts to build 3D bodies from primitive shapes that you can then send to your 3D printer. It also lets you create custom shapes for pieces and objects. In this article, we look at two ways to do just that.

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