What to Look for in an Ergonomic Keyboard

Shopping Around

Do not forget to check how features that matter to you are implemented. You might like the idea of a split keyboard, but do the connecting cables fall out easily? Are they hard to insert in the first place? Similarly, does a hardware add-on look conveniently placed? Perhaps you do not care about customizing the key layout now, but might you change your mind in the future? The best ergonomic keyboards have almost as many features as KDE's Plasma, and in buying one, doing your research beforehand can make all the difference in satisfaction. In going ergonomic, you are venturing into new territory that is still being charted. Fortunately, ergonomic keyboards are dominated by the practices and ethics of open hardware, and the answers you need will usually be available.

(Disclaimer: I recently bought and customized two Keyboardio Model 100s, and I am considering buying a ZSA Moonlander to explore it. Neither fact should be taken as a recommendation, because your needs and preferences may differ from mine. Again, do your own research.)

Ergonomic Keyboard Manufacturers

All companies listed also have development sites on GitHub:

  • Cloud Nine Ergonomics: also makes ergonomic mice
  • Dygma Firmware: a fork of Keyboardio's Kaleidescope, wireless, makes useful videos
  • Keebmaker: specializes in extreme minimalist keyboards
  • Keyboardio: Model 100 is a general keyboard; the Atreus is designed for laptops.
  • Keychron: offers full-size keyboards
  • Kinesis Keyboards: also makes ergonomic mice, footpedals, and touchpads
  • MoErgo: One keyboard, the Glove80, released, and another due soon. Wireless.
  • Razr: gaming boards
  • ZSA: aka ErgoDox, after its first keyboard

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