BaseX 5.0: XML Database with Visual Frontend

Jan 02, 2009

A team of developers at the German university of Konstanz has released version 5.0 of the XML database. The open source application employs many standard XML features and comes with a graphic user-interface.

BaseX supports Xquery/XPath Full Text, conforms to the W3C Candidate Recommendation and according to its developers, offers the most complete Java implementation currently available, passing the XQuery Test Suite with 99.9%.

The release comes with implementation of the Xquery API for Java (XQJ) and XML:DB API (XAPI). The resulting JAR archive can be downloaded from the BaseX website, along with a Windows executable and a Linux and MAC OS X compatible JAR file. A large Zip file containing the source code and documentation is also available.

The XML database is published under the BSD original license and was developed by the work group Databases and Information Systems at the university of Konstanz. Christian Gruen, Alexander Holupirek and Marc H. Scholl have presented their work on the database technology in numerous lectures and publications which can be read on the project website.

One distinctive feature of BaseX is the visual frontend that displays data as tables or tree-maps and via mapping, enables shortcuts to connect for example a collection of images with its meta data.

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