Code Statistics: KDE Costs 175 Million Dollars

Oct 12, 2009

The official KDE Project currently consists of 4.2 million lines of code. Cornelius Schumacher has applied the lines to individual projects and published the stats.

The current source code of the KDE core module contains 4,273,291 lines exactly, reports Schumacher in his blog. Almost half the lines are taken by the three largest projects, kdebase, kdelibs and kdepim. The KDE-Edu team takes fourth place in the code stakes followed by kdebinding and network modules.

The blog points out that the figures record only the code-lines of the core module, with KOffice and several other programs consisting of many more lines of code. Schumacher also points out that the best developers shorten programs by removing unnecessary code. He insists his figures are valid and provide a general overview of the current situation at KDE.

Cornelius Schumacher generated the figures using SLOCCount from David A. Wheeler, calculating the value of the software, (development costs in particular), at $175,364,716.

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  • November 11th?

    "Status Quo of KDE projects from November 11. "

    that certainly isn't right, is it? November isn't here yet.
  • How much would it cost if it was outsourced to India

    I am curious how much it would cost if it was developed overseas, like India?
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