Craft Your Own Geeko Avatar

Jun 15, 2009

Novell seems to have revived its love for SUSE Linux. It now provides an interactive program to craft your own version of the Geeko mascot.

The page provides the tools to individualize the SUSE Linux gecko and place him in your favorite background. Geeko Builder has the props (hats, clothing and, of course, the proper shoes) you need so that you can make your Geeko sporty, playful or aggressive.

Loading and starting the program takes some patience. But you can craft your dream Geeko in about seven steps or choose a randomization solution from the get-go. After a short registration, you can "show off your mad skills" by posting the creation to the community. Novell is also giving a prize for the highest-rated Geeko.

Geeko Creation with baloons
One of many possible creations by using Geeko Builder.

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