Dallas Ubuntu Developer Summit: 10.04 to Drop Gimp

Nov 20, 2009

The Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS-L) in Dallas TX is setting the switches for the upcoming Ubuntu LTS version, Lucid Lynx. One loser is Gimp: the image manipulator should disappear from the CD.

The crème de la crème of Ubuntu developmers are meeting days and nights at the current UDS-L (the "L" stands for "Lucid") in Dallas. The UDS usually takes place in the month following the latest Ubuntu release. May 2009 it was in Barcelona; November 16-20 it's in Texas.

To better deal with the ongoing space problems on the Live CD, Ubuntu developers suggested in the "Application selection in the default install" presentation at the UDS-L on November 18 to remove Gimp from the CD and replace the fundamental image manipulation program with F-Spot. Because F-Spot doesn't serve well for image displays, the standard for the task will be the Eye of GNOME image viewer, which will in turn call on F-Spot for image manipulation through a context menu. Apart from the CD space problem, the desktop team found Gimp too complicated to be of interest to the average user.

The desktop team also wants to rework Lucid's game selection, adding more brain teasers such as Gbrainy. A simple backup tool along the lines of BackInTime should also help create regular secure copies. One being discussed is Déjà Dup, which should find some application on Amazon's S3 cloud, for example.

So far there's no definite word on the fate of Synaptic, which might be replaced completely by the Software Center in Lucid. Also up in the air is Banshee vs. Rhythmbox as the standard music player. Some summit participants suggested expanding the CD with a simple video editor, perhaps OpenShot or PiTiVi.

It's important to note that all suggested changes are addressed to the Lucid desktop team who has not yet set them into stone, Gimp seemingly being the only exception.

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  • GIMP

    GIMP is a great image program. Why do they think that users would not want GIMP? I suppose they think that a Microsoft Paint equivalent might be better? LOL
  • Gimp > Fspot

    Methinks GIMP is far more useful than F-SPOT, especially on a livecd. Who would want to import and manage photos on a non-permanent medium?
  • Blah

    A DVD version does exist, but not all users have a DVD-ROM drive or burner. Also utilities do exist to add software packages to a Ubuntu ISO prior to burning, you can even go further in the customization.
  • A DVD?

    How about release a DVD-ed. filled with more software-options?

    A live-DVD will bring fourth the possibility to add the software they believe is important for the user.

    Another great thing about this is that the Ubuntu-team could make an optional boot-entrance allowing proprietary software being used, without violating their promise. It would be great to have a more usable live-CD with the possibility to make use of Flash end graphical drivers without having to install them after each boot.

    Another great opportunity here, would have an "advanced" install option, where you would, because of all the drama, choose between a set of software, something like this (Web Browsers illustrates a drop-down-menu):

    Choose your software:
    -Firefox [more info]
    -Midory [more info]
    -Dillo [more info]
    -Epiphany [more info]
    -Konqueror [more info]
    -choose another one from repository [more info]
    -I do not wish to install a web browser [more info]
    *Graphic Manipulating Program:

    Although not comparable at all with the MS vs. Firefox, Opera, Google, etc thing going on now, this would still probably give Ubuntu a lot of good PR.

    Although theres a lot of different approaches to make a distribution unique to your taste, this would be a lot easier for less experienced users. Not only that, but it also shows good will from a huge representative in the Open Source-community (for all those complaining about Ubuntu and other distributions is shipped with standard software), but it would not be limited to only web browsers ass well.

    A little bit of OT, but one thing that also would be great, is to have the opportunity to add software to your live-CD/DVD/USB before writing the image.
  • Like the cigarette

    Just as cigarettes are nicotine distribution devices, Ubuntu has been reduced to a Mono distribution service.

    Won't go near it.

    Replacing Gimp??
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