Eeebuntu changes to Debian Unstable

Oct 22, 2009

Future development of the netbook distro Eeebuntu will be based on Debian Unstable instead of the Ubuntu core that has been used until now.

Reasons for the move, as explained on the Eeebuntu forum, are the increased stability and greater flexibility developers expect from Debian Unstable. Independence from the fixed Ubuntu release cycle is another reason. Eeebuntu developers also criticize past Ubuntu releases that have often been faulty and slow to mature.

With Eeebian, or however the next release will be called, a third distro joins Sidux and Seminarix in the ranks of the Debian Unstable-based distributions.

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  • Good for them

    Its probably the best way to handle the situation.
    My eee pc 900 is about 1 1/2 year old by now, and i own a asus 700 as well.
    My intentions are not to throw them away for a new eee pc etc.

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