Fresh Roadmap for Firefox

Sep 03, 2009

The Mozilla Project has updated its roadmap for the coming versions of Firefox. The next big release, Firefox 4.0 with Geko1.9.4 underneath, is scheduled for the end of 2010.

According to the roadmap, the next minor update from the Mozilla Foundation will be the release of Firefox 3.6 (codenamed Namoroka) in November, with the simultaneous launch of Fennec 1.0, the Firefox version optimized for mobile devices. Firefox 3.6 has its own Wiki site with details of each stage of development.

Version 3.7 is scheduled for the first quarter of 2010, with a Geko1.9.3 chassis. Main feature here will be plugins that work as separate tasks which should increase browser stability. Developers also plan a bookmarking synchronization capability.

Firefox 4.0 and Fennec 2.0, planned for the third or fourth quarter of next year, will bring a new graphic interface for all platforms. The first designs for the new interface (as Windows mockup) can be viewed here.

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  • good post

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  • 64-bit version of Firefox

    I don't see:

    * Actually bother to make a 64-bit version of Firefox > 3.0 for Linux
  • yes fix bugs

    Another long standing one: expand a youtube video to full screen, and 3.0 and 3.5 dies.
  • Optimisation and bug hunting

    I'd prefer they spend some time on speed / memory optimization and killing all the known bugs before they add new features. That said, its still very stable generally, I only ever have problems with flash content which id Adobes problem not firefox.
  • Firefox Does Features Not Bugs

    Anyone who knows Firefox knows it's all about features and more features. Don't bother submitting bug reports to Firefox, because the "community" doesn't like them. Like all Linux projects, Firefox has a history of breaking their code from the previous year, ignoring all the bugs and compatibility issues, and then announcing the next "major version" as soon as possible.
  • many bugs in 3.5.*

    first mozilla firefox developers should worry about fixing the existing bugs, rather than working on new features. many bugs are lieing there in bugzilla without any action.
    here are some of the bugs I'm aware of
    1. firefox disappears from taskbar
    2. when addon updates says new addon installed instead it should say addon updated to avoid confuse user.
    3. firefox freezes until loads new link.

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