GDP-ivi: Linux Platform May One Day Drive Your Car

Feb 22, 2016

GENIVI Alliance announces the release of the first beta of the GENIVI Demo Platform ivi9.

The GENIVI Alliance has just released GDP-ivi9, an open source demo platform for in-vehicle infotainment developers and manufacturers. The GNU/Linux-based platform allows developers to showcase how the middleware of a free in-vehicle infotainment system will work.

This beta software comes in the shape of a downloadable virtual machine that simulates the inner workings of GENIVI’s in-vehicle infotainment system. You can, for example, tweak the audio signals (music, phone, text to speech), try out the widgets used to create interfaces, or see a simulation of the 3D navigation system.

GDP-ivi is designed for the engineers who implement the system; that is. this is an interface to the middleware, not for the end users. The system showcases many GENIVI projects that are already available as free software.

Members of the GENIVI Alliance include auto industry heavyweights such as BMW, Renault, Honda, Volvo, Jaguar, and more, alongside automotive component manufacturers and middleware, hardware, and service suppliers.

You can read more about GDP-ivi9 and download the virtual machine from GENIVI’s open source site.

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