Gnome 3.32 Released

Mar 19, 2019

New release of the Gnu desktop comes with many improvements.

The Gnome community has announced the release of Gnome 3.32. The release incorporates 26438 changes (made by approximately 798 contributors), including new features improvements and performance enhancements.

Gnome users will be greeted with a refreshed visual style for the user interface and icons. Gnome 3.32 brings supports for fractional scaling as an experimental option, which will satisfy those users who have HiDPI monitors.

To streamline the user experience across apps, Gnome has removed the Application menu and moved its contents to a primary menu located within the application window.

While there are popular Chromium and Firefox web browsers, Gnome also offers its own web browser called Web. Gnome’s browser now comes with an automation mode, which allows users to control web applications using WebDriver. Talking about control, Gnome has improved Touchpad support. The touchpad support is still not on par with MacOS, but users can swipe left or right to go back or forward through browsing history.

Gnome 3.32 has improved security. The Settings tools feature a new panel called Application that offers permissions control for various applications, including installed Flatpak packages. Gnome Software (applications manager for Gnome) has improved handling for apps available from multiple sources, including distribution repositories and Flatpak.

Arch and Gentoo users can already test Gnome 3.32; openSUSE Tumbleweed is expected to get the update soon.

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