Google funds OGG Theora

Apr 12, 2010

Grant goes toward development of ARM-optimized video codec

Google announced via its open source blog Friday its commitment to an ARM optimized version of the OGG Theora video codec in an attempt to create a video standard for mobile devices.
"We need a baseline to work from –– one standard format that (if all else fails) everything can fall back to," said Robin Watts on the open source blog.
The OGG Theora codec is a variation of the VP3 codec and was developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation in 2004. Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome, Opera 10.5 and SeaMonkey 2.0 support the format in-browser. VLC, Helix Plaer, FFmpeg, Songbird and all GStreamer or libxine-based players support the format.
The player as well as development tools are freely distributed here. The OGG Theora codec takes its name from Theora Jones, Amanda Pays' character on "Max Headroom."

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