Linux Lite 7.0 Officially Released

Jun 03, 2024

Based on Ubuntu 24.04 and kernel 6.8, Linux Lite version 7 now offers more options than ever.

Linux Lite has been around for 12 years. During that time, the developers have gone out of their way to listen to the community and build a solid foundation.

"They listen" isn't something you can always say about every Linux distribution development team. But when those teams do listen, good things happen.

For example, with Linux Lite 7.0, you have the option to use a kernel as new as 6.9 or as old as 3.13. Also, the Xfce desktop (version 4.18) now includes a split view in the Thunar file manager, numerous overall improvements, and even initial support for Wayland.

From the very start, you'll notice a change in the Linux Lite installer that features more informative slides that help make the process more enjoyable for those new to Linux.

In addition, there's an updated Lite Welcome app to help new users get up to speed and gives you quick access to things like updates, driver installation, restore point setting, language support, theme selection, as well as support, and contribute links.

You'll also find the usual list of application updates, including Google Chrome 125.0), VLC (3.0.20), LibreOffice (7.6.7), Thunderbird, and GIMP (2.10.36).

One thing that has not changed is the artwork, which migrated from the Linux Lite 6 series. The desktop uses the same window and icon themes and the same default font from the previous releases.

You can read the official announcement and download an ISO of Linux Lite from the download page.

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