Mini Notebooks: HP Jumps on the Bandwagon

Apr 08, 2008

Hewlett Packard has announced a 9” HP 2133 mini-notebook in line with the current MID boom.

The HP 2133 mini note will have a VIA mobile CPU C7, clocked at 1.2 GHz with a 400 MHz FSB. Disk capacity is quoted at 120GB. The machine will have 1024MB RAM for Linux or 2048MB for Windows. The new machine weighs in at 1.27 kilograms and includes a touchpad and WLAN.

According to the UK product page the notebook will be available with Suse Linux, and will only be on offer in the US and the UK.

The mini-note is due to hit the stores this month at an RRP of US$ 499. HP is thus positioning the machine as a computer for students and educational institutions. The RRP in the UK will be around GBP 300. HP UK is targeting private, educational and corporate customers with the mini notebook.

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