Notebook Minimalism

Jun 08, 2009

The new version of xPUD, a 50 MB Ubuntu-based mini-distro from Taiwan, promises to provide perfect netbook support.

The live distro boots in just 10 seconds and comes with the four tab minimalistic graphic interface, "Plate". According to an announcement by Chen Ping-Hsun, the new release supports various Eee PCs, Acer Aspire One, MSI Wind, Lenovo IdeaPad, Dell Mini and many more. Besides traditional Chinese, the distro is available in English, German, Japanese, Spanish and other languages.
A little giant. The live mini-distro xPUD with the graphic interface "Plate".

At the moment, an installation program is available for Windows only. Linux users will have to boot from CD/USB or manually configure their own boot loader with, e.g., GRUB.

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  • Damn, this is a nice little .iso!

    Gave it a whirl, I LIKE.

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