TeX Live 2009 Brings Font Updates and Windows TeXworks

Nov 13, 2009

TeX Live, a comprehensive collection of software surrounding the TeX/LaTex font systems, is available in the 2009 edition.

The distro includes a new release of the AMS Type 1 fonts that improves hinting and brings with it a few changes made by TeX inventor Donald Knuth over the years. The Euler fonts by typographer Hermann Zapf were also thoroughly reshaped.

The LuaTeX implementation in TeX Live now delivers its wares in PDF by default so as to benefit from its support of OpenType fonts.

The TeXworks GUI program (inspired by the Mac OS X TeXShop editor) is also available as a Windows program in TeX Live 2009. Another addition to the collection is the graphics program Asymptote that runs on multiple platforms.

Further details are in the TeX Live documentation. The TeX distro is available for download as tarball and DVD image. A script for installing over the Internet is also available and recommended by the project. TeX Live that provides TeX, LaTex and associated programs for Linux distros such as Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora can be found in their respective repositories.

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