WhiteHouse.gov Releases Drupal Code

Apr 22, 2010

Open source code affects the project in terms of scalability, accessibility, communication.

As part of the Obama Administration's commitment to open source platforms in government, WhiteHouse.gov announced today that it would release custom code back into the Drupal community.
The code enhances the scalability, communication and accessibility of the Drupal project.

  • Node Embed aids in adding metadata to rich photos and video content for screen reading software.
  • GovDelivery enables more dynamic emails based on users' preferences.
  • Context HTTP Headers allows the creation of additional metadata. WhiteHouse.gov uses this module to tell servers how often to cache a page.
  • Akami allows the Drupal-based site to integrate with the content delivery system, appropriately name Akami.

In all, the gesture signifies the administration's participation in the open source model, but considering the U.S. government still lags behind other countries in open source adoption, it's a small step.

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