Wine 1.1.19 Makes Noticeable Progress

Apr 14, 2009

Wine is maturing in the bottle: the current version 1.1.19 again offers a multitude of enhancements.

In the official announcement, Wine growers reveal a slew of enhancements for 1.1.19. These include improved Direct3D support and Esound driver. Winemaker, which makes Windows programs Wine-compatible, now also supports Visual C++ projects.

Bugs involving Evil Genius and Black & White were fixed, along with others that had caused some nuisance among gamers ("Lord of the Rings: Return of the King," "Spore," "F.E.A.R" and "Starcraft" being notable game examples). And Windows applications such as Lexware, Lotus Word Pro, MS Word 2007 and Silkypix now run more effectively.

Making the updates available as packages may still possibly take some time. However, the source code is referenced in the official Wine announcement, which also has the full details on 1.1.19 changes.

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  • Wine Finally Updated

    Wine 1.1.19:
    Its a gift from God to linux users. With a creative mind onie can do anything with wine, specialy when it has new features that give it the compatiblity for Visual C++ projects.

    100 kudos!!!
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