Analyze This!

Workflow-based data analysis with KNIME

Apr 04, 2018

They say data is "the new oil," but all that data you collect is only valuable if it leads to new insights. An open source analysis tool called KNIME lets you analyze data through graphical workflows – without the need for programming or complex spreadsheet manipulation.

Librem 5 and Ubuntu Touch

Mobile Desktop Innovation

Apr 26, 2018

Recent news of Ubuntu Touch being ported to the Librem 5 phone promises innovation for mobile desktops.

Bit Trip

Manipulating Binary Data with Bash

Apr 04, 2018

Bash is known for admin utilities and text manipulation tools, but the venerable command shell included with most Linux systems also has some powerful commands for manipulating binary data.

Universal Desktop

Exploring the Electron application framework

Apr 04, 2018

GitHub's Electron project brings the benefits of web programming to the realm of desktop applications.

String Theory – Fast guitar training for classical music


Apr 04, 2018

With Nootka and your guitar, you can learn to recognize musical notes in classical notation and train for precision and speed.

Sweeping Up

Customizing the way your browser stores and organizes data

Feb 21, 2018

Web browsers collect a large amount of data about the user’s browsing habits. If you care about privacy, you might want to clean up your browser and configure some custom privacy settings.

Tutorials – Video Editing

Creating custom transitions with FFmpeg

Feb 21, 2018

Most video editors supply you with a generic catalog of transitions, usually in the shape of tired wipes and fades. But what if you wanted something a little more special? FFmpeg to the rescue.

Gamer’s Paradise

Retro games on the Raspberry Pi

Feb 21, 2018

With the right software, you can turn the Raspberry Pi into a versatile console for retro games.

Working Around Template Limitations

LibreOffice Writer

Mar 26, 2018

If you are looking to change or combine templates in LibreOffice, there three workarounds can help you accomplish the task.


Feb 21, 2018

LFTP is an alternative to the FTP command set, which supports many protocols and offers countless parameters.

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