Kernel Keeper

The Kernel Self-Protection project aims to make Linux more secure

Feb 21, 2018

Security vulnerabilities in the kernel often remain undetected. The kernel hacker initiative, Kernel Self-Protection, promotes safe programming techniques to keep attackers off the network, and, if they do slip through the net, mitigate the consequences.


Design printed circuit boards with KiCad

Jan 31, 2018

KiCad helps you design printed circuit boards with up to 32 layers, checks for optimal placement, and supplies schematics and assembly diagrams in the popular Gerber format for submission to PCB manufacturers.

Ubuntu derivative BackBox Linux for security analysis


Jan 31, 2018

Specializing in security and forensics, BackBox Linux is not only good for a vulnerability assessment, but thanks to its lean substructure, it is also suitable as a desktop distribution.


Color Coordinated with DisplayCAL

Jan 31, 2018

If you work with digital images, you know the colors on your monitor don't always match what you see in real life. If you're looking for a more accurate representation of color, try calibrating and profiling your monitor using a colorimeter and DisplayCAL.

With Simple Means

Self-hosting solution YunoHost for the private cloud

Jan 31, 2018

YunoHost offers a wide range of services on a proven Debian platform that you can host yourself.

Meticulous Transformer

How compilers work

Jan 09, 2018

Compilers translate source code into executable programs and libraries. Inside modern compiler suites, a multistage process analyzes the source code, points out errors, generates intermediate code and tables, rearranges a large amount of data, and adapts the code to the target processor.

Putting LibreOffice in the Cloud

Collabora Online

Feb 19, 2018

The Collabora Online developers rethink LibreOffice's long-time interface.

New Hat

What's new in Fedora 27

Jan 31, 2018

Fedora Linux is a favorite of developers, sys admins, and other tech-savvy users. The new release sports a new Gnome and other useful enhancements.

First Aide


Jan 31, 2018

If you accidentally delete data or format a disk, good advice can be expensive. Or maybe not: You can undo many data losses with SystemRescueCd.

Fox Hunt

Raspberry Pi aids conservation work

Jan 09, 2018

As a countermeasure to predators of rare ground-breeding birds, live traps are monitored by a microcontroller and a Raspberry Pi.

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