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Personal Data Manager

LINUX VOICE: Tutorial – CalDAV/CardDAV free

Drawing diagrams with PlantUML

IN-DEPTH: Picture This free

Reviving old tools and games with FreeDOS

LINUX VOICE: What's Old Is New free

From disk to paper

LINUX VOICE: Tutorial – Printing in the Shell free

Designing Ebooks with Free Software

Custom Publishing


With LibreOffice Writer and Calibre, you can publish your own ebooks with better results than most online conversion tools.

Official Evernote Client Coming to Linux


Using Readline Functions in Bash

LINUX VOICE: Tutorial – Readline free

Using the curses library to view IoT data

NEWS: Old School free


Re-evaluating systemd

Debian's General Resolution


After five years of use, Debian re-examines systemd support via a general resolution.

LINUX VOICE: Organize your photo collection with Geeqie Art Sorted free