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Put an old netbook to good use

LINUXUSER: Second Life

Manage Tasks on Android with Maniana

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Canonical Announces Ubuntu For Phones


Discovering the New Gnome

Gnome starts to reinvent itself, cautiously


The last few years have been troubled for the Gnome Project. Once a premier desktop environment for Linux, it has seen its market share diminish amid user dissatisfaction over Gnome 3 and accusations that the project was ignoring users. Yet, over the last six months, something important has been happening: Slowly and quietly, the members of Gnome have started trying to turn the situation around.

Enable Support for Android MTP in KDE

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Android OS Tops Smartphone Market


The Coming KDE

An Interview with Aaron Seigo


Aaron Seigo discusses KDE’s new approach to managing change and the changes coming up in the next few years.

Read RSS Feeds with EasyRSS for Android

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