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SERVICE: Knoppix 7.0.4

Issue #144

SERVICE: openSUSE 12.2

Klaus Knopper answers your Linux questions

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This month's DVD

SERVICE: openSUSE 12.2

This months' DVD

SERVICE: Mageia Linux

Issue #143

SERVICE: Mageia Linux

Issue #142

SERVICE: Linux Mint 13 “Cinnamon Edition”

This month's DVD

SERVICE: Linux Mint 13 – Cinnamon Edition

Issue #141

SERVICE: Fedora 17

Cinnamon 1.4

Mint’s Cinnamon Desktop


Because of their novel look and feel, both Gnome 3 and Ubuntu’s Unity have been running into harsh criticism from many users. In response, Mint, an Ubuntu spinoff, has revived the Gnome 2 feel on its own desktop.

Issue 261/2022

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